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General links 
Presidency of the Republic of Turkey www.tccb.gov.tr
Grand National Assembly of Turkey www.tbmm.gov.tr
Turkish Constitutional Court (in Turkish only) www.anayasa.gov.tr
Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey (in Turkish only) www.basbakanlik.gov.tr
Turkish General Staff www.tsk.mil.tr
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey www.mfa.gov.tr
Ministry of Interior (in Turkish only) www.icisleri.gov.tr
Ministry of Justice (in Turkish only) www.adalet.gov.tr
Turkish National Police (in Turkish only) www.egm.gov.tr
Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency www.tika.gov.tr
Secretariat General for EU Affairs www.abgs.gov.tr
Turkish Statistical Institute www.tuik.gov.tr
Undersecretariat for Defense Industries www.ssm.gov.tr
State Planning Organization www.dpt.gov.tr
General Directorate for State Archives (in Turkish only) www.devletarsivleri.gov.tr
General Directorate for Meteorology (in Turkish only) www.dmi.gov.tr
Web sites relating to consular affairs 
e-consulate web site www.e-konsolosluk.net
Undersecretariat for Customs www.gumruk.gov.tr     
Ministry of Labor and Social Security www.csgb.gov.tr
Social Security Institution www.sgk.gov.tr
e-legislation (in Turkish only) http://mevzuat.basbakanlik.gov.tr
The Official Gazette (in Turkish only) http://rega.basbakanlik.gov.tr
Revenue Administration www.gib.gov.tr
The Association of Notaries Public www.tnb.org.tr/GenelBilgiler/noterlikkanunu_eng.htm
Union of Turkish Bar Associations www.barobirlik.org.tr
The Presidency of Religious Affairs www.diyanet.gov.tr
General Directorate for Realty Title Deeds and Cadastral Survey (in Turkish only) www.tkgm.gov.tr
Foreign Investment, Foreign Trade, Economy, Finance and related bodies
Turkish Statistical Institute www.tuik.gov.tr
Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey www.invest.gov.tr
Undersecretariat for Treasury www.hazine.gov.tr
Capital Markets Board of Turkey www.spk.gov.tr
Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB) www.imkb.gov.tr
Privatization Administration www.oib.gov.tr
Undersecretariat for Foreign Trade www.dtm.gov.tr
Turkish Export Promotion Center www.igeme.org.tr
Turkish Trade Counsellors Abroad www.musavirlikler.gov.tr
Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey www.tcmb.gov.tr
Savings Deposit Insurance Fund (SDIF) www.tmsf.org.tr
Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency www.bbdk.org.tr
The Banks Association of Turkey www.tbb.org.tr
Financial Crimes Investigation Board www.masak.gov.tr
Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey www.tobb.org.tr
Foreign Economic Relations Board www.deik.org.tr
Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association(TUSIAD) www.tusiad.org
Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association www.musiad.org.tr
YASED International Investors’s Association www.yased.org.tr
Young Businessmen Association of Turkey www.tugiad.org.tr
Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey www.kultur.gov.tr
The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies www.tursab.org.tr
Turkish Tourism Hotels and Investors Association www.turob.org
Turkish Tourism Investors Associations www.ttyd.org.tr
Ministry of Transport www.ubak.gov.tr
Turkish Airlines www.thy.com.tr
Istanbul Ataturk International Airport www.ataturkairport.com
State Airports Authority www.dhmi.gov.tr
General Directorate for Civil Aviation www.shgm.gov.tr
General Directorate of Highways www.kgm.gov.tr
Undersecretariat for Maritime Affairs www.denizcilik.gov.tr
Turkish State Railways www.tcdd.gov.tr
Turkish Freight Forwarders Association www.utikad.org.tr
Culture and Cultural Assets 
Ministry of Culture and Tourism www.kultur.gov.tr
Department of National Palaces www.millisaraylar.gov.tr
General Directorate for Cultural Assets and Museums (in Turkish only) http://kvmgm.kultur.gov.tr
Sabanci Museum http://muze.sabanciuniv.edu
Rahmi Koc Museum www.rmk-museum.org.tr/english/index.html
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations (in Turkish only) www.anadolumedeniyetlerimuzesi.gov.tr
General Directorate for Libraries and Publications (in Turkish only) http://kygm.kulturturizm.gov.tr
Education and Higher Education 
Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı www.meb.gov.tr
Board of Higher Education www.yok.gov.tr
State Universities in Turkey www.yok.gov.tr/universiteler/uni_web.htm
Private Universities in Turkey www.vakifuniversiteleri.com
Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Centre (TÖMER) www.tomer.ankara.edu.tr
Scientific Bodies and Techoparks 
The Scientific and Technological Research Center of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) www.tubitak.gov.tr
The Turkish Academy of Sciences www.tuba.gov.tr
Middle East Technical University Technopolis (METUTECH) www.metutech.metu.edu.tr
Istanbul Technical University Ari Technopolis www.ariteknokent.com.tr
Bilkent University Ankara Cyberpark www.cyberpark.com.tr/tr
TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre and Technological Free Zone (Marmara Technopolis) www.marmarateknokent.com.tr
Izmir Technology Development Zone http://iztekgeb.iyte.edu.tr
Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) Technopark www.gosbteknopark.com
Science and Technology Park of Kayseri (Erciyes Technopark) www.erciyesteknopark.com
Antalya Technopolis www.akdeniz.edu.tr/batek
Cukurova Technopolis in Adana http://teknokent.cukurova.edu.tr
Think Tanks and Research Institutions 
Center for Strategic Research (Turkish Foreign Ministry) www.sam.gov.tr
Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV) www.tesev.org.tr
Foreign Policy Institute www.foreignpolicy.org.tr
Eurasia Strategic Research Center (ASAM) www.asam.org.tr
Institute for Armenian Research www.eraren.org
Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) www.tepav.org.tr
Economic Development Foundation www.ikv.org.tr
Information Technologies and Communications Authority   www.tk.gov.tr
Turk Telecom www.turktelekom.com.tr
Turk Telecom White Pages www.ttrehber.turktelekom.com.tr
CeBit Eurasia Bilişim (Informatics) www.cebitbilisim.com
Anadolu Agency www.aa.com.tr
Directorate General for Press and Information www.byegm.gov.tr
Radio and Television Supreme Council www.rtuk.org.tr
Turkish Broadcasting Corporation (TRT) www.trt.com.tr
Useful Addresses
Useful Links
Tourism in Turkey    

Number of tourists visiting Turkey has reached 25 million in 2009. Around 2.5 million of which are British and this figure is expected to continue its upward trend in 2010.

goturkey.com  |  gototurkey.co.uk


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