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Sayın Başkonsolosun “TBCCI Networking evening with APCO Worldwide” başlıklı toplantıda yaptığı konuşma (11 Mart 2014) (İngilizce)
3/12/2014 - Konusma

Madame Chairman, esteemed members of TBCCI and APCO, dear guests, ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to thank TBCCI for inviting me to address a distinguished group of businessmen and investors today.

There is a growing trend in Turco-British relations. The current level of political dialogue between our governments gives us every bit of optimism that this unilinear trend will continue unabatedly.

In 2010, Britain and Turkey agreed to double bilateral trade by 2015. Momentum has developed since then, with trade increasing by over 40%.

Over 2,200 UK companies currently do business in Turkey and 2 million British tourists visit Turkey every year.

Turkey is an emerging power and G-20 country with a ten-year objective to rise among top 10 economies in the world. To that end, my government has taken relevant measures to facilitate foreign trade and investment. We have improved our legal, infrastructural and financial framework.

Turkey’s biggest assets are its demographics, geoeconomic position and strong economic indicators. We have a young and growing population. A country of 76 million, it is estimated to become the most populous country in Europe in the near future. It has over 26 million young, well-educated and motivated professionals with a median age of 29, which will likely to remain around these figures till 2050. This demographic trend heralds a future of economic growth and prosperity.

Turkey’s geography and economic interaction with its neighborhood is another powerful asset. We have a unique geography that connects three continents and various subregional systems.

Turkey is a natural bridge between both East-West and North-South axes, thus creating an efficient and cost effective outlet to major markets.

Historically and politically we have access to the Balkans, Central Asia, Russia and CIS, Caucasia, Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

Turkey’s democratic regime and fully-fledged market economy assigns us a unique role in this geography, which we have come to benefit more and more.

The share of Turkey’s exports to its neighborhood in overall foreign trade rose from 6% in to 34% in the last decade.

Our opening to Africa has also paid off, whereby our commercial relations increased tenfold though from a meager base. EU is still our number one trading partner, but Russia and Iraq have made important inroads. In short, we are commercially active in a wide geography.

Third, Turkey has experienced a painful process of structural reforms especially in the financial sector in early 2000s. This has also yielded ample returns. Turkey has a booming economy, which had tripled in the last decade. It is the 17th biggest economy globally and 7th in Europe.

It has had stable economic growth over the last decade with average 5.2% annual growth rate. It has a bright future as it is expected to become the fastest growing economy among the OECD members during 2011-2017.

Turkish firms have a pioneering role in construction, infrastructure, automotive and service sectors. There is much room for cooperation with the British firms, especially in third country projects where Turkey can bring in its geographical and cultural assets.

Yet we also need investment in know-how and technology to overcome the challenges of further stages of economic development. To that end, Turco-British partnership has the potential to offer the right formula and my government is ready to prepare the necessary ground.

Turkey’s success was in its ability to experience an even development, keeping the social gap narrow thanks to public-private partnerships. This evenness together with our sound macroeconomic policies ensures flexibility and adaptability to external shocks.

This has been the case lately. Despite an across the board instability among emerging markets, Turkey is aptly adopting to the new financial environment.

Before concluding, let me underline that the Turkish CG in London is ready to facilitate our bilateral trade and open to cooperation towards that end.

Without further ado, I would like to thank you all for your kind attention.

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